World Architecture Festival


World Architecture Festival

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WAF-London2 World Architecture Festival

Willow Graphics exhibition design, which was unveiled at the World Architecture Festival’s London satellite event, consists of a gallery displaying shortlisted work, as well as a large structure made from stacked pieces of cardboard. The large structure screens off a performance area, where finalists presented their work.

WAF-London3 World Architecture Festival

Tasked with displaying over 300 different awards entries in the gallery, Willow chose to maximise space by displaying the projects on strips of paper suspended from the ceiling with wire and magnets.

WAF-London4 World Architecture Festival

Half the space is filled with completed projects, which include a ribbon-like chapel in Japan, a cavernous wooden grotto in Canada and an Australian house designed to look like a village. The other half of the gallery is dedicated to future projects, while interiors shortlisted for sister event Inside Festival are displayed in a row along one side of the space.

WAF-London1 World Architecture Festival

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